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Boat Lift Inspection

Boat lifts are designed for specific water crafts and weight loads, and it should be noted that not every boat lift will meet the needs for every boat owner.  A common issue is that there is a chance that the boat you plan on storing may not be compatible with the current boat lift on the property.  Boat lifts are never operated when a boat is stored on the lift due to the liability at hand. We recommend that boat owners contact a local boat lift specialist to assist you in understanding if the current set up will meet the needs you have, based on the type of water vessel you plan on storing.

Our general boat lift visual inspection includes photos and a written narrative about any defects and deficiencies observed at the time of the inspection. What we inspect on lifts includes but not limited to:


  • visually inspect and operate lift motor(s) and protective covers
  • visually inspect belts or chains
  • visually inspect pulleys
  • visually inspect frame channels and structure (welds and fasteners)
  • visually inspect control boxes
  • visible components of electric service, if present. (Standards of Practice for Electrical Systems)

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