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Dock and Pier Inspections

Most docks can boast a lifespan of four decades, but the majority will have a survivability of about three decades. As with all possessions, it’s important to conduct regular maintenance; without it, owners can expect that their docks will not last to their full life expectancy and unfortunately, repair costs can be high. As a result, regular maintenance schedules on your docks should be conducted, and further peace of mind can result from regular inspections.

Our general visual dock inspection includes photos and a written narrative about any defects and deficiencies observed at the time of the inspection. What we inspect on docks includes but not limited to:


  • Visual inspection of pilings, piling caps and fenders
  • Visual inspection of supporting collars, stringers, joists and their connections/fasteners
  • Visual inspection and comments on the conditions of the decking
  • General conditions of tie down cleats, fish tables, ladders, plumbing and all electrical circuits and outlets
  • Visible components of water and electric service, if present. (Standards of Practice for Electrical and Plumbing Systems apply)
  • Visual inspection of boathouses and canopies. (Standards of Practice for Roof Systems apply)
  • Visual inspection of any handrails
  • Visual inspection of steps and ramps
  • Comment on any potential environmental issues

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