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Pool/Spa Inspection

Here at HomeWise Inspections PLLC, we help you make a “splash” with your new or existing pool/spa, by offering a visual examination of the pool/spa components, conditions, and safety features. This type of inspection evaluates:


  • Pool and Spa placement and protection
  • Fences, gates, safety barriers
  • Clearance of electrical wires and location of electrical outlets as required per code and safety
  • Pool and Spa vessel and coping
  • Examination of pool and spa, pool and spa surface and surrounding deck and coping for discoloration, pitting, and cracking
  • Pool and Spa Equipment
  • Examines pool lights, sub-panel and junction box for location and condition, pumps, visible piping, timers, skimmers, and GFCI and electrical bonding
  • Pool and Spa Equipment Operation
  • Examines operation of pump, inspects for leakage, proper skimming and filtration, heater activation, filter pressure and operation of spa blower.


As always a full colored detailed report with photos will be completed and delivered typically within 24 hours following the inspection.

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