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Pre-Drywall/Frame Phase Inspection

A pre-drywall inspection is a visual, objective examination of the completed framing of your new home. Our home inspectors will have full visibility to inspect the ‘guts’ of the home. There is no drywall or sheetrock in place which will allow to see the rough-in electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and much more. Any deficiencies or safety issues will be identified and can be addressed by your builder before they become major issues down the road.

We will inspect the following:


Wood Frame:

  • Wood framing members for defective or warped wood
  • Proper placement of wood grades
  • Placement, span measurement, truss condition, and improper boring or notching of wood members


Safety Features:

  • Proper wiring of smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors and their placement in current standard locations
  • Tempered safety glass installed at all required locations
  • Rescue and escape requirements
  • Fireblocking
  • Mandatory illumination locations
  • Tie-down bolts where needed
  • Confirmation of exterior moisture barriers


Lot and Exterior of Home:

  • Moisture barriers
  • Window wraps
  • Flashing installment
  • Slab deficiencies
  • Electrical service entry
  • Site drainage and/or grading of the lot around the home if completed


We strongly encourage all new home buyers to have a Pre-Drywall/Frame Inspection. This will be the only time that you are able to see the inner workings of the home and ensure that nothing was overlooked by your builders. This inspection has proven its value with out clients on every inspection as our inspections have always found issues in every home we have inspected at this stage.



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