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Pre-Pour Foundation Inspection

A pre-pour inspection is a visual inspection of the preparations by the builder before the concrete slab is poured. This is a way to verify that the ground matches what is on the blueprint for the home, while complying with necessary local municipal codes. Pre-pour inspections are typically performed the day before, or the day the foundation is poured, and it may be weather permitting. Check with your builder about the schedule so you know when to arrange the pre-pour inspection.


We will inspect the following:

  • Form boards and the bracing/support of form boards to ensure they can hold the concrete in place
  • All footers, per builder plans, to ensure they are deep enough and wide enough to support the structure intended to be constructed on your foundation
  • Footer cleanliness so that footers are only filled with concrete and not dirt or other debris that can weaken concrete performance
  • Reinforcing steel or post-tension cables to be sure that they are suitably placed to provide the necessary structural compliment for the foundation concrete
  • Confirmation that plumbing is complete, well-supported and water tested as required
  • Polyvinyl membranes for completeness and no tearing




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