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Are you a real estate broker or agent who wants to refer an inspection company that works to help protect our mutual clients interests? If so, then look no further! Our inspectors are highly trained in multiple areas to provide a well-rounded inspector that is both knowledgeable and informative. HomeWise Inspections was created with the clients best interest in mind. What does this mean for you the agent? The house that the client makes an offer on, will be thoroughly inspected and reported in a way that informs the client of the issues, with the home and recommended corrective actions. In our findings, many inspectors work for the agent, not the client, reporting in a way that later typically upsets the client because of big issues never being mentioned. We want out mutual clients to find the home they want with no surprises.


If you, as an agent, feel we can work well together under this understanding, please call, text, or email via the buttons below and someone from the office will be in touch to setup a personal meeting. We will also setup an agent profile as your personal dashboard for report access, online scheduling, profile changes, and easy communications directly with the office via an app on your mobile device. This dashboard and the software we use advertises your information to our mutual clients, even a year after the inspection. This, in-turn, helps with potential future referrals from past clients.

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