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Septic Inspections

Some homes have septic tanks instead of municipal wastewater removal. The septic tank holds wastewater from the home until solid debris settles at the bottom of the tank (the sludge layer) and lighter waste, such as oil, rises to the top to form the scum layer. Between the two layers lies clarified liquid, which flows into an outlet pipe and is gradually dissipated through a drain field. Bacteria in the septic tank naturally break down organic waste matter and slow the accumulation of the sludge layer. This is why septic tank inspections are important, as it verifies that visually the components of the system are in good working order.


Homewise Inspections PLLC’s septic tank inspections include the following:


  • The location of the tank
  • The type of system: standard with lateral lines, aerobic, lagoon
  • The location of the lateral line field; if able to determine
  • If there is any obvious seepage or odors in the lateral line field
  • If there is bubbling, backup or odors in the house
  • Explain maintenance information for your system
  • Identify the location of the cleanout if one has been installed



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