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Sewer Scope Inspection

Homewise Inspections PLLC uses a RIDGID 40798 SeeSnake L100 MicroReel Video Inspection Camera System with a high definition camera to perform sewer scope inspections. These types of inspections are important in the home buying/selling/maintenance process, especially in older and new homes. The high definition camera on the RIDGID 40798 can identify conditions such as collapsed drain lines, evidence of prior sewer buildup from the municipal water systems, cracked or broken piping, and obstructions such as tree roots, debris, or waste. Our inspectors will use a camera to enter the main sewer line from an access point, such as a clean out cap, typically within the home or in the yard near the home.


Underground sewer lines are excluded from a professional home inspections due to lack of visibility of the buried lines. Because of this, you must request this type of inspection, which we highly recommend when purchasing a home of any age, due to the expense that can occur if repair or replacement is needed of damaged piping.


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