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Single Component Inspections

Here at HomeWise Inspections PLLC, we often receive calls from those who are looking for a home inspection for a single component in the home. For example, occasionally a home appraiser will call out cracks observed in a foundation wall or defective roof shingles, require roof certification, or require a structural inspection in order for a homeowner to refinance or for a home buyer to obtain financing. Another example would be sometimes home buyers, sellers, Realtors, closing companies will want to inspect particular items that would be costly to replace or would affect the value of the home if non-serviceable. Occasionally a newly renovated home will still have its original furnace, for example, in which case a home buyer, appraiser for a bank or a Realtor may want to have the item inspected to determine its condition and overall serviceability.


Single component inspections can be helpful in all of these circumstances. This type of inspection will usually take about an hour, depending on the complexity of the item being inspected, and it may be more detailed then the complete inspection because we will be able to focus on one particular system. As always a full colored report with photos will be completed and delivered within 24 hours following the inspection.

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