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Sprinkler/ Irrigation System  Inspection

If your home includes a sprinkler/ irrigation system on the property, it is important to have these components inspected annually. This is due to the sprinkler heads being damaged by lawn equipment or natural disasters, which could lead to wash-out of soil underneath sidewalks, porch ways, or concrete slabs.


Our general visual sprinkler/ irrigation inspection includes photos and a written narrative about any defects and deficiencies observed at the time of the inspection. Please understand that this inspection only covers the visible components, as the underground parts are unable to be seen without excavation.


What we inspect on sprinkler/irrigation systems include but are not limited to:


  • Visual inspection of overall condition of irrigation system
  • Visual inspection of proper installation and operation
  • Visual inspection of electrical components
  • Checking of sprinkler head validity and spray pattern; to avoid water overuse and intrusion which can cause damage
  • Visual inspection of zones and value condition



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