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Stucco Inspection

Owners of stucco homes can speed up a sale by having the most complete information about their home available when it goes on the market. If your stucco home shows any signs of deficiency, you risk potential buyers being unwilling to consider your home. Getting a stucco inspection before listing allows a seller to provide potential buyers with peace of mind that no deficiencies are found in the stucco, or that they are minimal and repairable. For those homes with deficiencies, getting an accurate report will help sellers set an appropriate selling price for the home, or make necessary repairs in order to bring a higher selling price.


A Homewise Inspections PLLC comprehensive, non-invasive stucco inspection report will include:


  • A determination of the type and condition of the cladding installed.
  • A determination of whether the cladding meets IBC or IRC code standards.
  • A determination of whether the installation meets manufacturer standards of application, when possible.
  • A detailed report, with all observed deficiencies noted and photographed.



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